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Joaquin Meco medina


Literature teacher at IES Poeta Tomás Molares in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain). He is the main editor of the literary blog Cuidado con los libros. In 2015, he joins Lindolenex research group.


His research focuses on  Applied Linguistics to Discourse Analysis of Journalistic and Narrative Texts. ​​The tools for the discourse analysis, specifically enthymemes, interpretative syllogisms or inferences, allow for deepening in the structures and underlying ideas in different types of discourses, from the political and ideological to the journalistic, and from the philosophical or

humorous to the narrative. People neither speak nor write on an empty context, but do so on assumptions shared with readers and audiences, to whom discourses are addressed. Exploring the mechanism of ideas that supports the discourse, be it textual or visual, as well as the interaction between both text and image, fosters the development of analytical skills in a world full of omnipresent texts and images encoding reality as meaning mediators. Therefore, his research aims to develop strategies and abilities to accurately approach the variety of discourses surrounding us.

Among his publications, it is worth noting “Glacomo Joyce: un discurso de amor” (Philologica Canariensia, no. 14-15, 2008-2009), and “El contador de historias: pasado e imaginación en la obra teatral de Vargas Llosa” (El Guiniguada, no. 15-16, 2006-2007).