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De la conception utilitaire de la langue en traduction 


"De la conception utilitaire de la langue en traduction," Çédille: revista de estudios franceses no. 8, 2012, p. 312-330.


From translation theorists general point of view, translator and interpreter are bilin- gual and translate towards their mother tongue. This vision involves taking for granted the mastery of foreign language and culture. That is a necessary condition that seems to give the right to allow translation theorists to reduce the role of language to a simple tool. This paper aims to verify the relevance or not of this utilitarian assump- tion, to call attention to what might be the implications of this vision in the domain of Teaching French intended for translators and interpreters. Eventually some sugges- tions in the domain of Teaching Language for Specific Purposes will be given.


Key words: language; translation; teaching french for specific purposes; bilingualism.

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