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About the research group

Since 2009, the Lindolenex Research Group (ULPGC GIR 531) is a collaborative group devoted on scholarly work with a focus on foreign languages teaching and learning methods and its relevance on a wide range of disciplines, such as teaching of language and literature, translation and interpreting, new media/visual communication, language teaching for specific purposes, etc.

Other fields and research interests include:

  • teaching of English language for specific purposes (methods and instruction);

  • teaching of French language and literature (methods and instruction);

  • applied linguistics for translation and interpreting (French-Spanish);

  • teaching methods in legal and scientific translation;

  • cognitive sciences in theory and teaching of translation (German-Spanish);

  • knowledge management and inferential linguistics in learning processes and communication (verbal, written, and audiovisual);

  • teaching of literary and humanistic translation (French-Spanish, Italian-Spanish);

  • grammar and comparative linguistics within the field of Romance languages;

  • inferential interpretation and critical textual analysis;

  • pragmatics, discourse analysis, and study of argumentative reasoning in communication broadly understood.

The group has participated in different research projects pertaining to these research interests as well as collaborative R+D+I projects. Its scholarly production includes, but is not limited to, the following monographs:

Del Razonamiento a la Argumentación

Teoría y práctica de las destrezas discursivas en la nueva sociedad del conocimiento

Jorge J. Vega y Vega (ed)

Peter Lang | Berna | 2012

​Página web en la editorial

The Essential Enthymeme

Propositions for Educating Students

in a Modern World

Jorge J. Vega y Vega (ed)

Peter Lang | Berna | 2015

​Página web en la editorial

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